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Stonemaster TM

StonemasterTM 1GL & 5GL 

Thickened Concrete-Masonry Graffiti Remover

★★★★★5  1200Reviews

18-01040-RU, 18-05000-RU 

Product Details

  • StonemasterTM is a ready-to-use graffiti remover, for concrete-masonry surface. Such as brick, cinderblock, slip-face, and other concrete-masonry surfaces.

  • StonemasterTM  will help “take you city back”TM from graffiti-tagging-vandalism by helping to restore the natural surface.

  • Designed with "Sandblasting replacement technology".

  • StonemasterTM  is ideal, for the removal of graffiti-tagging from porous surfaces.

  • Allows, graffiti removal technician, to work fast and effective; StonemasterTM restores and revive the natural substrate. 

  • StonemasterTM  is VOC Compliance

  • Biodegradable, Easy-to-Use

  •  Packaging: 5gallon containers 

Customer Reviews 

★★★★★5 Amazing Graffiti Remover 


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