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Water-Based Solid Color Masonry Coating

★★★★★5  (418Reviews)

18-01040-RU, 18-05000-RU 

Product Details

  • Designed to hide, touch-up and cover-up graffiti taggings. 

  • A versatile, multi-purpose, water borne flat acrylic paint with high performance for both interior/ exterior surfaces. 

  • May be sprayed, rolled or brushed. Easy application, each and every time. 

  • Ideal for Concrete-Masonry, Wood, Aluminum, Metal and other surfaces; provides for a graffiti-free surroundings. Cost effective formulation for pastel colors. 

  • Excellent hide and adhesion properties. Clean up with water and soap.

  • Control-base

  • An approved product of LAUSD ! 

  • Biodegradable VOC Compliance 

  • Packaging: #9989-05 (5gallon);#9989-55 (55gallon/drum)

Customer Reviews 

★★★★★5 This Product Really Works


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