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ShieldTM 1GL & 5GL 


Sacrifical Anti-Graffti Coating

★★★★★5  (418Reviews)

8984-05-RU, 8984-55-RU 

Product Details

  • Speciality wax-based anti-graffiti coating. Dries clear, non yellowing, tough film that shields surface from graffiti-tagging. 

  • Protects surfaces from spray-paint, felt-pen ink markers, wax-crayons & more. 

  • Brush, roll or spray application. Offers low costs protection to substrates. 

  • Remove graffiti using Stoneworks, SignOff, GraffitiCrew, SoyIt.

  • Ideal for exterior, painted or unpainted vertical surfaces, including Concrete Walls, Municipalities, School Districts, Malls, Mass Transit, Office Buildings. 

  • An approved product of Los Angeles Unified School District!

  • VOC Compliance

  • Biodegradable, Non-Flammable Formulation.

  •  Packaging: #8984-05 (5gallon); #8984-55 (55gallon/drum)

Customer Reviews 

★★★★★5 This Product Really Works


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